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Drop off or pick up times are 7-9am OR 4-6pm

***Reservations required for all boarding stays***

You are welcome to drop off or pick up during either the morning or afternoon office hours!

Dog Boarding

Bring your pet home to us!

As much fun as you have on vacation, it can still be difficult to leave your furry family members at home! Relax and enjoy your vacation because while your pet is at York Bark & Play, you can be sure he is having a fun time in a safe and loving environment where the manager lives on site!

Your dog will board in our spacious 10' by 4' indoor runs.  The boarding area has heated floors for the winter months, and AC in the summer.  Each kennel has solid walls so your pup won't be bugged by their neighbor, and a chain-link front so they know someone's there. 

We ask that you bring your dog’s own food to keep their tummies happy when they stay with us. Please bring their food pre-portioned in 1 meal portions.  Wet food can be left in containers to be measured out at feeding times.

Since cleanliness is extremely important to us, we ask that you do not bring any food or water dishes (they are cleaned and dried between every meal), unless your dog eats from a puzzle/slow feeder bowl, in which case we'd be happy to use it!

We provide raised beds for each dog, but encourage owners to bring a blanket or towel for your pup to snuggle with while they are here.  If you want to bring your dogs bed, it must be small enough to fit inside a standard size washing machine. You are also most welcome to bring a few toys (no more than 2, please)  to leave in the run with your pup. 

While your pooch stays with us, we strongly recommend having them participate in our Doggy Daycare program. We have supervised playtime with knowledgeable staff every day!   A tired dog is a happy dog, but we do understand that some dogs don't like playing with other dogs.  If your dog does not participate in daycare, they will be taken out multiple times throughout the day to go to the bathroom and get attention from our great staff!

Before your dog can board or do daycare with us, we ask that you fill out our Boarding and Daycare contract. Click here to download the registration form. Your dog also needs to be up to date on Distemper, Kennel Cough, and Rabies vaccines. Please have your vet email a copy to or fax the records to 207-361-4759.

York Bark and Play believes that puppies under 12 weeks of age would not thrive in a kennel environment, and we recommend finding another option for your young pup. 

Cat Boarding


We know that not all cats are thrilled to share space with the canine species, so we built them a separate quiet room with custom cat condos!

Our condos have 3 levels to give them the space they need, and we also let them have a little "roam time" in the cat room.

We provide bedding and litter, but please bring their own food.

Cats need to be up to date on Distemper and Rabies vaccinations.

Please have your vet email a copy to or fax the records to 207-361-4759.

Small Animals

We also board small animals in a separate room. We do ask that you provide their cages, food and bedding. 

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