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What does your dog do while you're at work all day?

Bring him to play with us! Dogs need lots of exercise and attention, and with a busy lifestyle, sometimes you just don't have time. At York Bark & Play, we have large yard space, as well as 2 indoor play rooms to keep Fido busy and happy. Socialization can be just as important as exercise, and with well monitored play groups you can rest easy knowing your pup is having lots of safe fun.  To attend daycare, dogs must be up to date with Distemper, Kennel Cough and Rabies Vaccines.  Female dogs in heat may not participate in daycare until their heat is over.  Intact males are welcome as long as temperament is appropriate for daycare setting.

Full day drop off is between 7-9am and pick up is between 4-6pm

Half day morning drop off is between 7-9am and pick up is at 12:00pm

Half day afternoon drop off is at 1:00pm and pick up is between 4-6pm

***Reservations required for all daycare appointments***

my dog is new to york bark and play, what do i need to do?

Please call us to set up a reservation before coming in for your first day so we can be sure we have space for your pup!  We like to make sure that we don't have more than 3 new dogs scheduled to come in on the same day so we can accurately get to know your dog.

Before your dog can spend the day with us, we require proof of Rabies, Distemper, and Kennel Cough vaccinations.  Most owners find it easiest to call their vet and have the records emailed or faxed to us.  We will enter it into our system, and have it on file for the future. We also ask that before you come in, you fill out and return our Boarding/Daycare contract .  All paperwork can be submitted via:

Email: yorkbarkandplay@gmail                                    Fax: (207) 361-4759                            In Person: During office hours 7-9AM or 4-6PM

What do i need to bring for daycare?

We ask that you only bring a collar or harness and leash when you bring your dog to play.  Once they enter the building, we take off all collars so they can safely play with their friends.

If your dog normally eats in the middle of the day, you may bring food with you and we will gladly feed them during their 12:00-1:00 lunch break.

WINTER MONTHS: If you have a jacket for your pup please bring it!  Please label it clearly.  We stay outside as much as possible, and sometimes the dogs can get chilly.  We have a few extra jackets, but we love when you bring in your own! 

**We closely monitor all dogs, and come inside to play when needed**

Daycare schedule:

7-9am Owners drop off their dogs.  Dogs are put in holding areas until supervised playtime, which starts at 9:00am.

9am-12pm Morning playtime!  Dogs are brought outside and sorted into appropriate groups. Generally we have 3 groups, which vary in play style and size of dogs.  Dogs are monitored by knowledgeable staff (either 1 or 2 staff members per group).  We make sure that every dog is having fun, and playing nicely with their friends!  Each group has 2 water bowls (refreshed many times throughout the day), shade sails, and pools in the summer!

*** New dogs are introduced to 3-4 dogs, one at a time.  Once we feel that everyone is comfortable and happy, we bring the new dog into a group we feel would best match their personality and play style.  Groups are rearranged until everyone is playful and enjoying their day! ***

12:00 Pick up for morning half day dogs.

12:00-1:00 Lunch and nap time for everyone.  Dogs are separated for an hour during the day, and given water and snacks if provided by the owner.  We also sell stuffed frozen kongs, frozen marrow bones in 1" and 4" sizes, and Peanut butter cookies.  Please request these items when dropping off your dog in the morning.

1:00 Drop off for afternoon half day dogs.

1pm-4pm Afternoon playtime!

4-6pm Dogs are in holding areas until they are picked up.

6:00pm Doors are locked.  Please call us ASAP if you cannot make the pick up time, and need your dog to stay overnight.